What We Do

Waste Management Operation and Training

The Nigeria Institute for Chartered Waste Managers, NICWM, is an indigenous company with a global experience in initiating professionalism through relevant training programmes and capacity building in the implementation of sustainable waste management.

NICWM combines extensive expertise and innovative technologies to ensure we satisfy the unique needs of our clients. Our strategic approach puts us at the cutting edge of waste management training and operation in Nigeria and we offer services that include:

Design, construction and management of:
Waste-To-Energy Projects

Waste-to-energy is a vital component of resource management. Our waste-to-energy facilities complement community recycling programs. To enhance our efforts of achieving clean communities and cities, our systems augment the recycling efforts of local communities by extracting RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) which are waste residues that cannot practically be recovered into single commodities after processing.

In offering municipal solid waste disposal services to the communities we operate in, we ensure that millions of tons of unwanted materials found in everyday household waste are used as fuel assisting in the production of power generation. We are continually exploring advances in metals recovery technology to increase metal recycling rates and recover tens of thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that would otherwise go to a landfill and produce greenhouse emissions.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We are committed and fully involved in every aspect of treating water and wastewater to improve the health of the world's population and our environment. NICWM employs a range of technologies with a specialization in building, operating and maintaining wastewater treatment plants that can operate to the required standards for the lowest capital and operational costs.

Our solutions include biological treatments, chemical treatments and more, to treat wastewater.

Building Capacity

We Train waste practitioners in the hydraulic system using simulation equipment, control of hazardous waste, comprehensive introduction to material recycling in collection, transportation and disposal of municipal waste management and teach prospective practitioners on the prevailing legislations on waste management, duty of care owed to public and environmental permits.

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