Nigeria Institute for Chartered Waste Managers (NICWM) has served the waste and resource management industry as the industry’s leading professional body, representing many individual professionals in Nigeria and overseas.

NICWM sets the professional standards for individuals working in the waste and resource management industry and has various grades of membership determined by education, qualification and experience.


Our Objectives:

  • To Provide Training Of Waste Management Practitioners For Waste Management Services To The Federal And State Agencies, Local Governments, Industries, Business Entities And Private Within Federal And States.
  • To Provide Training On The Management And Control Of Hazardous Waste, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial And Provide A Comprehensive Introduction To Materials Recycling On Waste Management.
  • To Provide Training For Expertize On The Recognition And Management Of Municipal Waste Management And Recycling Collection Services To Governments And Business Entities On Solid Waste, Liquid Waste And Hazardous Waste And Teach Prospective Practitioners On The Prevailing Legislations On Waste Management, Duty Of Care Owed The Public And Environmental Permits.
  • To Engage In Providing Specialized Integrated Waste Management Courses In Resource And Waste Management And Also To Provide Courses On Fire Prevention Plans For Permitted Waste Sites, Marine Waste Management, Rail Maintenance, Ports And Docks, Airports And Street Cleaning.
  • To Develop Waste Management Research Projects For Federal And State Government Agencies And Institutions. To Serve As Waste Management Service Provider In The Collection, Transportation And Disposal Of Solid And Liquid Waste And Management And Maintenance Of Landfills, Incinerator And Transfer Loading Stations. To Provide Janitorial Cleaning Services. General Waste Management In Oil And Gas And Refinery Sector. General Contracts And Supply Of Waste Management Equipments And Waste Management Accessories And Other Auxiliary Businesses.


A National Institution:

NICWM has its headquarters in Lagos and also has other regional centres, throughout Nigeria who run an active programme of events for local members.

As the national member on the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), NICWM also has a presence on the African and World Stage.